LE Newsletter - March 18, 2010

  Bass Guitarist "Taddy P " Releases Debut Album

Known as Taddy P across musical genres, I first met one of Jamaica's hottest bass guitarists when he joined us in St. Maarten to perform with Maxi Priest, the headliner for the 30th Anniversary of the Heineken Regatta.  Only the top musicians are invited to this prestigious and celebrated beach closing party.


With musical accolades from jazz to reggae, Othniel "Taddy P" Campbell is no stranger to the music and entertainment industry.  Taddy P's extensive musical knowledge, experience and passion has enabled him to tour world-wide.  Not only is Taddy P a musician and an entertainer but he is also an ace music producer.  You can find Taddy P currently performing with Maxi Priest

Check out Taddy P's biography, picture and new track entitled, "Leave the Crumbs Alone" featuring artist Mackie Conscious, go HERE  The track is about those in our lives who are greedy and the hoarding of wealth for their own sake.  The message is 'Sharing is Caring'.  There's enough for all of us.

Here's the video for Leave the Crumbs Alone - I just know that you're going to feel this new and fresh vibe just as much as I did when I first heard it ... can't get the track out of my head now!

For more information check out: Taddy P's myspace page HERE and Facebook HERE

Support excellence in music my friends.